Volume 35, N. 1

January-April 2012

Design with Geo-Hazards: An Integrated Approach from Engineering Geological Methods


Volume 35, N. 1, January-April 2012 | PDF (2 downloads)


An engineering geological approach to analysed geo-hazards affecting engineering and planning design decisions is presented. The methodological procedures include hazard identification, hazard assessment, site vulnerability, economic cost, environmental impact, risk assessment, social acceptability, decision analysis and engineering design criteria. The practical application of the Engineering Geological Methodology (EGM) is shown in several case studies: dam safety problems due to slope instability and induced seismicity during reservoir filling; seismic hazard assessment in regions with insufficient seismic data and tectonic information; and large scale geo-hazards due to giant landslides and related tsunamis. The EGM approach can provide fundamental criteria for engineering decisions and territorial planning. Social acceptability should be included in the decision analysis being evaluated according with the hazard level of the geological process and the corresponding risk of the affected elements. Examples of geo-hazards and their social acceptability are presented.

Keywords: geological hazards, engineering geology, hazard assessment, risk assessment, Canary Islands, Tenerife,

Submitted on January 01, 2012.
Final Acceptance on January 01, 2012.
Discussion open until June 20, 2022.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.351003