Volume 45, N. 3

July-September, in progress, 2022

Simplified model for dam rockfill creep and influence of constructive delay of concrete face


Volume 45, N. 3, July-September, in progress, 2022 | PDF (2 downloads)


Advances in equipment and tools implemented for geotechnics have been allowing design to be supported by numerical simulations. However, even with sophisticated resources, the dam geotechnical engineering industry still lacks few information on laboratory parameters as in the case of Concrete Face Rockfill Dams (CFRD). It is necessary to simplify the use of back-analysis that represent real CFRD, in search of tools that can be applied in the industry. The objectives include the simplification of the behavior of the linear modules associated with a linear coefficient representing the vertical creep and evaluation of the influence of the constructive delay of the concrete face in a specific case. The text goes through examples of real CFRD simulations, as a theoretical background. The CFRD calibration model includes an elegant representation of the vertical orthotropic rockfill creep with only two calibration parameters. The displacements obtained from a CFRD are represented with a linear elastic constitutive model with linear vertical deformation in time. The result is well adjusted both in the construction phase and during filling. Further on, six different slab constructive delay sequencing arrangements were simulated. The study uses a numerical device that makes it possible to drive the concrete slab in its correct design thickness. Among the stress results, the step-by-step sequencing of the slab following the rockfill reached the worst horizontal stresses, reaching almost 45 MPa, which exceeds the typical compressive strengths of conventional concretes that can affect the structural integrity of the slab. The results suggest that step-by-step sequencing should be avoided. In the case studied, the balanced behavior could be achieved in a concreting scenario maintaining the constructive delay of the slab with at least half the height of the dam. It is important to point out that all this work considerations serve for a specific example. Any generalization should be avoided or associated with broader complementary studies, as each dam is a unique work and must be studied individually, case by case.

Keywords: Concrete Face Rockfill Dams, Creep, Slab,

Submitted on August 08, 2021.
Final Acceptance on June 21, 2022.
Discussion open until November 30, 2022.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.2022.074221