Volume 46, N. 4

Special Issue: COBRAE 2022 (Invited Editors: R.Q. Coutinho, I.F. Gomes), October-December, 2023

Geotechnical site characterization by DMT and laboratory tests on an unsaturated tropical soil site for slope stability analysis


Volume 46, N. 4, Special Issue: COBRAE 2022 (Invited Editors: R.Q. Coutinho, I.F. Gomes), October-December, 2023 | DOWNLOAD PDF (38 downloads)


The slope stability is an important topic because it presents risks of socio-economic losses caused by eventual ruptures. It is necessary to identify the site profile, as well as obtaining soil strength parameters for the slope stability analysis. This paper presents and discusses the use of the Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT) in the geotechnical site characterization for slope stability analysis in an unsaturated tropical soil site. Six DMTs were performed to define the stratigraphical profile and estimate geotechnical parameters. Shear strength parameters were determined in the laboratory using saturated and unsaturated triaxial compression as well as soil water retention curves (SWRC) to support DMT data interpretation. A commercial software was used to perform the slope stability analysis a cut slope with 6.6 m height and a gradient around 55° to illustrate the application of DMT and triaxial test data. The DMT allowed the representative site profile to be identified, as well as estimating the design parameters that compared well to those interpreted from unsaturated triaxial test data for the in-situ soil suction. The DMT can be used as logging test in the preliminary characterization of studied site specially to define the stratigraphical profile, site variability, select the regions to collect disturbed and undisturbed soil samples and as the first attempt to estimate the geotechnical design parameters via correlations. It is important to emphasize that laboratory tests on undisturbed soil samples are essential in the slope stability analysis of unsaturated tropical soil profiles.

Keywords: Site characterization, Slope stability, In situ tests, DMT, Unsaturated soils, Suction,

Submitted on May 15, 2023.
Final Acceptance on October 25, 2023.
Discussion open until February 28, 2023.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.2023.005123