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risk analysis
Classification matrices are scrutinized for inconsistencies, errors and deficiencies in meaning. Proper definition, measurement and ranking of risks are demonstrated as compelling arguments whenever risk and reliability analyses of geotechnical structures, such as dams, are required....
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At this time, there is a crisis associated with concern over the safety of tailings dams and lack of trust in their design and performance. This crisis has resulted from recent high-profile failures of dams at locations with strong technical experience, conscientious operators, and established regulatory procedures. It is the primary intent of this Lect...

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One of the procedures adopted in a Safety Management System is the use of Risk Analysis for which analytical, iterative, descriptive and qualitative methods, such as the FMEA “Failure Modes and Effects Analysis”, have been applied
in order to identify and analyse potential failures from a given failure mode, its causes an...

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