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Tropical soils

Compacted clayey tropical soils have great potential to be used as barriers in waste disposal facilities, considering that some technical requirements are fulfilled (e.g. hydraulic conductivity; compatibility after disposal; shear strength; swelling/cracking, etc). In turn, the bentonite addition is relevant for the cases where the ...

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This paper addresses the influence of electric potential difference on the electroosmotic decontamination of two tropical soils from Brazil. The laboratory testing program encompassed: (i) two residual soils of gneiss, a C-horizon saprolite clayey silty sand (soil sample A) and a B-horizon sandy silty clay (soil sample B); (ii) mineralogical and chemica...

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Compacted tropical soils have great potential to be used in barriers, once some technical issues are correctly addressed, including low hydraulic conductivity and compatibility to the disposed fluids. This paper involves a laboratorial
study of the hydraulic conductivity of mixtures of a tropical soil sample and bentonite and also their comp...

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This paper presents a parametric study on erodibility of soils which occurs in Southern Brazil. Different
methodologies were carried out and soils more vulnerable to these phenomena were identified. The research lays mainly on
erodibility criteria based on infiltrability tests, weight loss by immersion, direct shear tests and mod...

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