Volume 45, N. 2

April-June 2022

Comparative analysis of non-recursive three-dimensional (3D) modifications of Hoek-Brown failure criterion


Volume 45, N. 2, April-June 2022 | PDF (101 downloads)


A comparative analysis of three-dimensional (3D) modifications of Hoek & Brown (1988) rock failure criterion was carried out. The correlations between failure stress and the other principal stresses were first determined using polyaxial test data for five geomaterials including KTB amphibolites, Westerly granite, Dunham dolomite, Shirahama sandstone and Yuubari shale. The prediction accuracies of five non-recursive, three-dimensional modifications to Hoek-Brown failure criteria and the original two-dimensional Hoek-Brown criterion were later investigated using root mean square error and coefficient of determination as measures of misfit. The results reveal that the intermediate principal stress significantly affects strength in geomaterials like the Dunham dolomite. It also moderately affects the strength of geomaterials like the KTB amphibolites, the Westerly granite and the Yuubari shale. Moreover, the intermediate principal stress has mixed effects on strength in the Shirahama sandstone. In addition, the original Hoek-Brown failure criterion could still be used with reasonable accuracy for geomaterials whose strength shows low dependence on the intermediate principal stress. While a three-dimensional Hoek-Brown criterion must be used for geomaterials like the Dunham dolomite, whose strength shows a high dependence on the intermediate principal stress. The original Hoek-Brown failure criteria should be used with caution for geomaterials like the Shirahama sandstone, the KTB amphibolites, the Westerly granite, and the Yuubari shale, whose strength shows either mixed or intermediate dependence on the intermediate principal stress. Average prediction accuracies followed the order: simplified Priest (2012), Ma et al. (2020), and Jiang & Zhao (2015). Both original Hoek & Brown (1988) and Li et al. (2021) criteria were tied, while Liu et al. (2019) was the least.

Keywords: Hoek &, Brown failure criterion, Non-recursive failure criteria, Geomaterials, Intermediate principal stress, Rock strength,

Submitted on May 07, 2021.
Final Acceptance on December 02, 2021.
Discussion open until August 31, 2022.
DOI: 10.28927/SR.2022.070821